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Core Barrel

When conventional augers are less efficient or used in combination with tapered rock augers for very hard rock drilling, use the Roller Bit Core Barrel. the Rock Core Barrel is designed with a thin cutting edge to maximize penetration through less contact surface area that must be cut and removed.

Grand Construction Machinery manufactures a variety of custom Rock Core Barrel tools and grabs that are capable of handling even the most challenging rock conditions. Each Roller Bit Core Barrel is customized for specific equipment and use in specific conditions. This prevents misalignment of the rock tool teeth, which can significantly reduce performance and efficiency.

Reamer bars available

Standard (STD) and Heavy Duty (HD) base ring options available

Comes with a drive hub to fit your machine

Wear resistant ribs to extend barrel life and eliminate barrel stall

Custom buckets and other tooth options available upon request

Features and Benefits

The Grand Construction Machinery Roller Bit Core Barrel is made of the highest grade metal and comes with many useful features. Check out the product list, talk to us, and we'll explain our products to you in detail!

Core Barrel Drilling

The Roller Bit Core Barrel is used to remove rock samples from drilling operations. The single tube Roller Bit Core Barrel is the cheapest and strongest type with a head, coring tube, a reamer housing and cutting bit.

The standard and most preferred option is the double-tube Rock Core Barrel, where the outer barrel rotates with the cutting bit, while the inner barrel holds the core sample and is fixed or rotated on bearings.

The Rock Core Barrel is used as a reservoir for rock or soil cores.

The Roller Bit Core Barrel is used to remove rock samples from drilling operations. The core sample is important for sampling and conducting soil surveys to select the appropriate drilling method for laying the pipe.

The starter barrel is used to first start drilling the test hole. Sometimes a single tube Roller Bit Core Barrel is also used as the starter barrel to start the core operation. Once sufficient depth is reached, the crew replaces the starter barrel with a regular drill and the Roller Bit Core Barrel to extend the hole to the desired depth. The core is then removed and inserted into a housing with stabilizers.

In addition to the drill bit, a diamond bit, reamer and appropriate length of drill pipe are required. Coring shovels and corers are also part of the drilling equipment set-up.

Trenchless methods, such as horizontal directional drilling (HDD), horizontal auger boring (HAB), micro-tunneling and pipe jacking, use different types of drill bits and tools to drill through soil or rock. You can see other pages of Grand Construction Machinery.

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