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  • Kingdream Matrix Body PDC Drill Bit

  • Kingdream Matrix Body PDC Drill Bit

Kingdream Matrix Body PDC Drill Bit

These kingdream drill bit, kingdream tricone bit, kingdream roller bit, kingdream drill bit are used to drill soft formation with low compressive strength and high drill ability, such as shale, clay, sandstone and soft limestone, etc.


Are you troubled by these problems

Replace the drill bit during operation, Cutter lay off or complex geology structure required special drill bit.Great drill bit can help you to solve this problem


1.Excellent wear ability

Famous company cutters, umicore silver solder and saint-gobain high wear material, Good wear resistance enables you to complete the drilling task with one bit


2.High processing precision

The advanced designing and analysis software is the guarantee of precision and reliable of the development



20 years production and development experience make us have ability to resolve the difficult that you meet


Bit specification
  Bit Size 8 1/2" GMD1635TZ  Nozzle Qty 7NZ
  IADC Code M423  Gauge Lenghth 65mm
  Blade 5  Connection 4 1/2" API REG
  Cutter Size 16mm;13mm  G.W./N.W.(Kg) 90/75
  Cutter Qty 16*30;13*31  Nozzle Size(inch) 16/32


Sizes and types of kingdream drill bit/ kingdream drill bits that are not shown above can be customized according to specific drilling requirements. 


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