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TCI Drill Bit

Tungsten Carbide Inserts (TCI) Drill Bits

Grand Construction offers several types of chisel, tapered, and spherical tungsten carbide inserts, each uniquely designed for drilling holes in specific types of rock formations. Available for central, jet, and reverse circulation. If interested, please feel free to contact us!


TCI triangular drills offer a variety of carbide inserts, such as spherical inserts for very hard rock or tapered inserts for softer rock. The number of rows of inserts is directly related to the type of application and the size of the hole to be drilled. Open and sealed bearings are also available, as well as three types of shirt guards.TCI stands for Tungsten Carbide Inserts. Depending on the type and amount of carbide on the bit, these tri-cone bits are designed for use in soft to very hard formations.

TCI Drill Bit Manufacturers, Suppliers

Tianjin Grand Construction Machinery Technology Co., Ltd., deeply engaged in rock breaking tools more than 20 years. We are offering R&D, precision manufacturing, international trade and drilling tools solution service, while now is growing up as a leader of global rock breaking tool industry.

Our products cover fields of tunnel shield, mining excavation, rotary cutting drilling, trenchless reaming guide drilling, well geothermal engineering bit, oil drilling and production, foundation pile machine engineering and so on. We insist combinng the development of products and market, and we design and manufacture products that meet the personalized requirements of customers according to their needs, so that we can provide the best solution and reduce the comprehensive activity cost of users with high quality products and professional services. We have established a complete domestic and international sales network, and our products have exported to the United States, South Africa, Brazil, Iran, Malaysia etc. through a variety of channels.


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