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  • TCI Drill Bit

  • TCI Drill Bit

  • TCI Drill Bit

TCI Drill Bit

These ROCK bit tricone are used to drill soft formation with low compressive strength and high drill ability, such as shale, clay, sandstone and soft limestone, etc.


  1. Grand Tungsten carbide insert tooth sealed and gage protection journal bearing, hard faced head bearing surface.

    Cone bearing inlaid with friction reducing alloy and then silver plated.

    The load capacity and seizure resistance of the bearing is greatly improved

2. O- ring seal is made of the more wear resistance high saturated Buna-N with the section

  and precisely designed sealing flange in the cone sealing area increased the reliability of the seal.
3. The bit bearing is ball which can be applied to high rotary speed drilling.
4. All rubber compensator is used which can provides the bearing system with good assurance of lubrication

5. Grand new type of grease that can sustain high temperature up to 250C is utilized.

6. Grand high wear resistance and excellent cutting ability of the insert bit are given full play by using carbide compacts 

    of high strength and high toughness in combination with optimized compact numbers and rows, the exposure height and special shaped compacts.
7. Meet strictly of API standard

8. Grand is professional manufacturer of TCI tri-cone bits, steel tooth tri-cone bits and PDC bits

9. High quality, reasonable price and best service.

10. Delivery in time: 8-15  days

11. Good feedback of the clients

12. Grand drilling bits can be used for all kinds of water well, oil field, underground, construction, geothermal well,etc


Sizes and types that are not shown rock bit tricone above can be customized according to specific drilling requirements. 


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