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Conical Pick

Our carbide conical pick is crafted with a specially formulated recipe, ensuring superior durability, toughness, and cutting performance, especially in challenging coal conditions.

Featuring a precision cold-formed body, our pick encourages even wear distribution and enhanced rotation. The superior grain structure of the body contributes to an extended lifespan, making it a reliable choice for demanding environments.

Engineered with a redirected cutting medium, our conical picks are designed to direct the cutting force away from the sleeve. This innovative design minimizes potential damage and ensures a seamless and productive cutting experience.

We employ specialized brazing processes that enhance the longevity and reliability of our conical parts. This approach minimizes the risk of premature failure, particularly under repeated impact loads.

The head of our conical pick is engineered for maximum durability, boasting superior hardness to protect the carbide insert, holder, and sleeve. This ensures an extended tool life and sustained cutting performance.

In terms of cutting action and vibration reduction, our conical pick's head promotes precision cutting with minimal vibration. This feature, coupled with even wear distribution, contributes to an extended lifespan, making it a durable and efficient tool for your mining needs.


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