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  • Tri Cone Rock Bit

  • Tri Cone Rock Bit

  • Tri Cone Rock Bit

  • Tri Cone Rock Bit

  • Tri Cone Rock Bit

Kingdream Tricone Rock Drill Bits

Tri Cone Rock Bit selection is a key factor in achieving high productivity. Grand offers a full range of drill bits for drilling in soft soils to super hard rock using mud motors or maneuverable jets.

Grand can assist in designing pilot hole drilling assemblies to provide the lowest cost per foot drilled.


These triple tooth bits feature a tungsten carbide rock engagement cone, replaceable carbide fluid ports and a liner tail hard face, and a cleverly placed carbide button on the bit housing to extend the life of the tool.

1) High-strength, high flexibility, high temperature, high wear resistance.
2) High-precision metal seal.
3) locking roller ball, to adapt to high-speed.
4) The use of high strength hig toughness carbide teeth.
5) Hours in the rotary cone bit with the impact, crushing and shearing the role of broken rock.
6) cone bit to adapt to the soft, medium and hard of various strata.
7) Reasonable price and long working life.

Experience the Pinnacle of Efficiency with Kingdream Tricone Rock Drill Bits

Elevate your drilling operations to new heights of success with Kingdream Tricone Rock Drill Bits. Crafted with precision and expertise, these exceptional tools deliver unmatched performance, ensuring optimal productivity and cost-effectiveness. When it comes to conquering drilling challenges, Kingdream Tricone Rock Drill Bits are the ultimate choice for professionals seeking superior results.

Unparalleled Durability

Kingdream Tricone Rock Drill Bits are built to withstand the most demanding drilling conditions. With rugged materials and advanced engineering, these bits exhibit exceptional durability, providing long-lasting performance and reducing the need for frequent replacements. Trust in a reliable companion that stands the test of time, enabling you to focus on your drilling objectives.

Efficient Penetration Rates

With their advanced design and optimized cutting structures, Kingdream Tricone Rock Drill Bits offer unparalleled penetration rates. Experience the thrill of swift progress as these bits effortlessly break through various rock formations. Unlock new depths and complete your drilling projects efficiently, maximizing your productivity and minimizing downtime.

Tri Cone Rock Bit Manufacturers, Suppliers

Tianjin Grand Construction Machinery Technology Co., Ltd., deeply engaged in rock breaking tools more than 20 years. We are offering R&D, precision manufacturing, international trade and drilling tools solution service, while now is growing up as a leader of global rock breaking tool industry.

Our products cover fields of tunnel shield, mining excavation, rotary cutting drilling, trenchless reaming guide drilling, well geothermal engineering bit, oil drilling and production, foundation pile machine engineering and so on. We insist combinng the development of products and market, and we design and manufacture products that meet the personalized requirements of customers according to their needs, so that we can provide the best solution and reduce the comprehensive activity cost of users with high quality products and professional services. We have established a complete domestic and international sales network, and our products have exported to the United States, South Africa, Brazil, Iran, Malaysia etc. through a variety of channels.

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