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Waterwell Products

Well drilling is the engineering of rational exploitation and utilization of water resources in strata by using drilling equipment and technology. Groundwater, on the other hand, is water that exists in cracks in the earth's crust or in gaps in the soil. The various states of water buried below the surface are collectively referred to as groundwater.

Water Well Drilling Bits Types:

Grand is dedicated to the design, production, and sales of diverse water well drill bits. The produced models of our water well drill bits for sale are (70mm-7000mm) Mill tooth bit and TCI bits. Customers can also customize and assemble their own well drilling bits according to their actual needs.

Grand's water well drill bits are available in both composite seals and metal seals, so as to better meet the requirements of different engineering projects. The number of tooth rows, the number of teeth, the height of the teeth, and the alloy tooth profile are also well-designed to provide a better cutting ability for the drilling bit and improve the service life simultane. Available IADC Code of our water well drill bits for sale include 437,517,537,617,637etc.

The Selection of Water Well Drill Bits:

The weight of the water well drill bits should be determined according to the formation's hardness and softness. Meanwhile, the quality of water well bit, well bore, drilling tool, displacement, and performance of flushing fluid, equipment and power should also be considered.



• Tricone, PDC, Claw Bits, and custom bit types

• Bits for any formation type

• Can be made with custom threads


• All API threads (REG, IF, FH, PAC), BECO, AWJ, NWJ, Rope threads. Modified Buttress, Barber threads, Kelly rod. Hex rod, RC threads. Sonic threads, and custom threads

• Any length and diameter

• Any wrench flats needed

• High alloy steel tool joints


Waterwell Products

• Vpack or Polypak sealed stuffing boxes

• Built with bearing races if required

• Any rod or casing threads needed

• Any inlet connection required

• Shaft can be chromed if required


• All threads (STC, LTC, BTC, FJ, Rope threads, sonic threads, barber threads, modified buttress; right hand or left, 1, 2 or 3 start)

• Any length

• Any grade

• Any diameter and wall thickness

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