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Core Barrel Assembly

It concentrates power, protects your core, and enhances your drilling efficiency. Whether you're dealing with loose formations or challenging strata, the right Core Barrel Assembly can make all the difference in achieving successful drilling results.


Are you looking to enhance your drilling efficiency?

Consider the Core Barrel Assembly, a critical tool in diamond drilling. When you're working with rock or concrete, this assembly plays a pivotal role in making your drilling process smoother and more effective.

One of the standout advantages of a Core Barrel Assembly is its ability to focus torque and crowd force on a small ring of cutting teeth. This concentrated power ensures efficient drilling, even in challenging conditions. Whether you're using a Roller Bit, drilling bit, rotary drilling bit, tricone drill bit, tci bit, PDC bit, hybrid PDC bit, or any other drilling bit, the Core Barrel Assembly optimizes your drilling performance.

This versatile tool is often referred to as a "Rotary drilling rig bit," and it's designed to cut an annular ring in rock, concrete, or reinforced concrete. Typically, it's used to extract the central core of the material, which is often crushed with a rock auger. The key advantage? By concentrating torque and crowd force on a small ring of cutting teeth, it ensures precision and efficiency.

When should you use a Core Barrel Assembly?

It's ideal for loose, broken stratigraphic or coal extraction, and it provides crucial protection for the heart of your drilling tools.

There are different types of Core Barrel Assemblies, including the double core tube and single core tube. The double core tube has an outer pipe and allows water flow between the internal and external tubes, protecting the core from washouts. It's perfect for drilling in less fragile strata.

On the other hand, the single movement double core tube is designed for serious loose and fractured formations. It features bearing isolation, where the outer pipe drives bit rotation while the inner tube remains stationary, preventing core friction and mechanical damage.

Using a double deck core tube to take core samples is an option, but it requires specialized drill bits with thicker walls, such as alloy drills or diamond bits. Keep in mind that this approach increases the contact surface area, which may slightly reduce drilling efficiency.

In situations like ledges or coal extraction, where preserving the integrity of the rock or mineral core is crucial, double core tubes are essential. They can be quite complex, with additional layers of protection, such as aluminum or steel tubes encased in plastic or buckled half-closed tubes.

The double core tube is equipped with mechanisms to secure and seal the core. These mechanisms include fault devices like ferns, card springs, claw reeds, and more. They ensure that your core remains intact throughout the drilling process.


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