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  • Core Barrel With Bits

  • Core Barrel With Bits

  • Core Barrel With Bits

Core Barrel With Bits

Rotary drilling bits/ core barrels/ rotary palm,Tri-cone drilling bit, HDD reamer, PDC bit, Conical pick


Grand Construction manufactures a wide range of custom coring tools and grabs that are capable of handling even the most challenging rock conditions. Each coring barrel is customized for specific equipment and use in specific conditions. This prevents misalignment of the rock tool teeth, which can significantly reduce performance and efficiency.

Coring barrels are used to remove rock samples from drilling operations. The single-tube coring barrel is the cheapest and most robust type with a head, coring tube, reamer housing and cutting bit.

The standard and most preferred is the double tube core barrel, where the outer barrel rotates with the cutting bit while the inner barrel holds the core sample and is fixed or rotated on bearings.

The core barrel is used as a receptacle for rock or soil cores.

Grand Construction Core Barrels

The coring barrel is used to remove rock samples from the drilling operation. The core sample is important for sampling and conducting soil surveys to select the appropriate drilling method for laying the pipe.

The starter barrel is used to first start drilling the test hole. Sometimes a single tube core barrel is also used as the starter barrel to begin the core operation. Once sufficient depth is reached, the crew replaces the starter barrel with a regular drill and coring barrel to extend the hole to the desired depth. The core is then removed and inserted into a housing with stabilizers.

In addition to the drill bit, a diamond bit, reamer and appropriate length of drill pipe are required. Corers, coring shovels and corers are also part of the drilling equipment set-up.

Trenchless methods, such as horizontal directional drilling (HDD), horizontal auger boring (HAB), micro-tunneling and pipe jacking, use different types of drill bits and tools to drill through soil or rock.

Internal structure

1. Adopting the steel ball locking sliding bearing and the bearing surface is welded with wear-resistant alloy, which has high wear-resistant performance and longer service life.

2. High performance rubber sealing structure and metal sealing structure improve the life and reliability of the whole sealing structure.

3. High performance environmental protection grease and bearing structure equipped with oil storage and pressure compensation system improve the working life of the bearing.

4. Carbide inserts with high strength and toughness can improve the impact resistance of inserts and reduce the insert broken rate.

5. Optimized cutting structure, insert exposed height, quantity and shape strengthens the drilling coverage, giving full play to the advantages of trench-less reamer.

Tricone Drilling Manufacturers, Suppliers

Tianjin Grand Construction Machinery Technology Co., Ltd., deeply engaged in rock breaking tools more than 20 years. We are offering R&D, precision manufacturing, international trade and drilling tools solution service, while now is growing up as a leader of global rock breaking tool industry.

Our products cover fields of tunnel shield, mining excavation, rotary cutting drilling, trenchless reaming guide drilling, well geothermal engineering bit, oil drilling and production, foundation pile machine engineering and so on. We insist combinng the development of products and market, and we design and manufacture products that meet the personalized requirements of customers according to their needs, so that we can provide the best solution and reduce the comprehensive activity cost of users with high quality products and professional services. We have established a complete domestic and international sales network, and our products have exported to the United States, South Africa, Brazil, Iran, Malaysia etc. through a variety of channels.

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Rotary drilling bits/ core barrels/ rotary palm,Tri-cone drilling bit, HDD reamer, PDC bit, Conical pick


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