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Metering separator


Metering separator

Metering Separator

The metering separator can effectively separate the gas and liquid from the wellhead through deceleration, collision, condensation and gravity. 

The liquid discharge system can realize the automatic discharge of liquid and ensure the zero leakage of natural gas through automatic control equipment. 

The liquid production can be measured through metering equipment. 

The exhaust system measures natural gas production through various instruments.

Main technical specifications:

Standards: GB/T 150.1~150.4-2011

Operating / design pressure: 4.5-5.7/6.3MPa 

Operating / design temperature: 20~35/70℃ 

Operating medium: natural gas

Gas treatment capacit: 35x10*4Nm³/d 

Liquid treatment capacity:0.2-5.0 m³/h 

Dimensions: 5900x2300x2780mm

Metering separator


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