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  • Three phase separator

  • Three phase separator

  • Three phase separator

Three phase separator


Three-Phase Separator

When the oil and gas flow from the oil well enters the separator through the inlet pipeline of the separator, the oil and gas flow passes through the inlet energy absorber to complete the primary phase separation. 

After the initial phase separation, the oil flow is buffered by the corrugated plate, and the mist is further removed from the flow, so that the residual droplets are removed. 

The separated natural gas is discharged from the tank after passing through the anti-vortex fog catcher at the gas outlet, and enters the gas flow through the measuring orifice plate device and the pneumatic control valve. 

The separated liquid is separated by gravity. There are oil and water outlets in front of and behind the oil separation plate. The oil and water flow out of the plate are measured by flow meters and then enter their respective processes.

The three-phase separator is mainly used for the separation of oil, water and gas. lt can also evaluate the daily output of crude oil and natural gas in oil wells through advanced metering instruments, and it is convenient for sampling and analyzing various components.

Three phase separator

Main technical specifications:

Standards: SY/T 0515-2014, GB/T 150.1-150.4-2011、ASMEⅧ-1 

Design pressure: 0.1-15MPa 

Design temperature: -40~121℃

Operating medium: natural gas, crude oil and water 

Structure type: two-phase, three-phase

Three phase separator

Three phase separator


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