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  • Tubing head body

  • Tubing head body

  • Tubing head body

Tubing head body


 tubing head body

Wellhead and Tree Equipment


It can fix the wellhead of the drilling well, connect the wellhead casing hanger, seal and control the annulus between the pipes, hang the tubing, control the wellhead pressure and regulate the flow, and guide the oil to the tubing at the wellhead.

It can be used to close the oil well when necessary. It is also suitable for acid fracturing, water injection and testing,including casing head, tubing head and Christmas tree.

It is suitable for all casing and tubing procedures and various connection modes, safe and reliable operation, simple and convenient maintenance, and can be equipped with hydraulic (pneumatic) safety valves of various specifications.


Working pressure: 2000psi-20000psi

Working medium: oil, natural gas, mud, containing H2S and Co2

Working temperature: -46C-121C(L-U)

Material grade: AA, BB, CC, DD, EE, FF,HH Product specification level: PSL1-4 Performance requirement: Pr1

 tubing head body


 tubing head body


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