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Gauge tank


Gauge Tank


It is used to calibrate the oil and water flow meter of the test separator on site, and calculate its calibration system. 

When the oil well production is low and cannot be accurately measured by the separator flowmeter, the oil and water can be directly put into the metering tank, 

and the oil and water production can be read out according to the corresponding height of the liquid level gauge and the liquid level. 

When the viscosity of crude oil is high, it can enter the metering tank, and then it can be transported by the transfer pump, loaded and transported out.

Gauge tank

Structure composition:

The metering tank is a rectangular tank with atmospheric pressure double chambers, with bypass manifold at the inlet and outlet, steam heating coil at the bottom, 

liquid level gauge at the front of each compartment, cleaning manhole at the back of each compartment, manhole at the top of each compartment, and flame arrester at the top. 

The flame arrester outlet is combined into an overflow pipe, which can be connected outside the safety area.

Gauge tank

Gauge tank


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