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  • Kingdream Matrix Body PDC Bit

  • Kingdream Matrix Body PDC Bit

Kingdream Matrix Body PDC Bit

Are you facing issues like frequent drill bit replacements during operations, cutter wear, or the need for specialized drill bits due to complex geological structures? Look no further – the Kingdream Matrix Body PDC Bit is here to solve these problems and revolutionize your drilling experience.


Bit specification
  Bit Size 8 1/2" GMD1635TZ  Nozzle Qty 7NZ
  IADC Code M423  Gauge Lenghth 65mm
  Blade 5  Connection 4 1/2" API REG
  Cutter Size 16mm;13mm  G.W./N.W.(Kg) 90/75
  Cutter Qty 16*30;13*31  Nozzle Size(inch) 16/32

Sizes and types of kingdream drill bit/ kingdream drill bits that are not shown above can be customized according to specific drilling requirements. 

Key Advantages:

Excellent Wear Ability: Our Matrix Body PDC Bit is equipped with cutters from renowned companies, utilizing materials like Umicore silver solder and Saint-Gobain high wear materials. This results in exceptional wear resistance, allowing you to complete drilling tasks efficiently with a single bit.

High Processing Precision: Precision is paramount in drilling operations, and our bit guarantees it. We employ advanced design and analysis software to ensure the development of a precise and reliable tool that can handle complex geological conditions.

OEM Solutions: With over 20 years of production and development experience, we have the expertise to address the challenges you encounter. Our OEM solutions are tailored to meet your specific needs and deliver optimal results.

Say goodbye to the hassles of frequent bit changes and the complexities of challenging geologies. The Kingdream Matrix Body PDC Bit is your answer to enhanced wear resistance, precision, and problem-solving capabilities in drilling.

Invest in the Kingdream Matrix Body PDC Bit and experience the difference it can make in your drilling operations. It's time to elevate your drilling performance and efficiency.



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