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Grand deeply engaged in rock breaking tools more than 20 years. We are offering R&D, precision manufacturing, international trade and drilling tools solution service, while now is growing up as a leader of global rock breaking tool industry.

The most cost effective oilfield drill bit solution in China

In the oil and gas industry, a drill bit is a tool designed to produce a roughly cylindrical hole (borehole) in the earth's crust by rotary drilling methods for the discovery and extraction of hydrocarbons such as crude oil and natural gas. This type of tool is also referred to as a rock drill, or simply a drill bit... The drill bit produces a small diameter hole, from about 3.5 inches (8.9 cm) to 30 inches (76 cm), while the depth of the hole can range from 1,000 feet (300 m) to over 30,000 feet (9,100 m). The drill element is cut by scraping, grinding or local compression fracturing to mechanically break up the subsurface formation. The rock chips produced by the drill bit are most typically removed from the wellbore and continuously returned to the surface by direct circulation.

Classification of oilfield drill bits

Drill bits are broadly classified into two main types based on their primary cutting mechanism. rolling cutter bits fracture or crush formations primarily by rolling "tooth" shaped cutting elements over two or more conical elements on the borehole surface as the bit rotates. fixed cutter bits use a set of blades with A set of blades with very hard cutting elements, most commonly natural or synthetic diamond, that remove material by scraping or grinding as the drill bit rotates.

Rolling cutter bits - Tricone Roller Bit

Modern commercial Rolling cutter bits typically use three cones to accommodate the cutting element, although sometimes two or (rarely) four cone arrangements are seen. These bits fall into two main categories, depending on the manufacture of the cutting element or "tooth". Steel tooth drills have cones with wedge-shaped teeth milled directly into the cone steel itself. The extremely hard tungsten carbide material is usually applied to the tooth surface through a welding process to increase durability.

Tricone Roller Bit

Tungsten carbide insert (TCI) drills have sintered tungsten carbide formed teeth that are pressed into the bore of the cone. In addition to milled teeth, certain types of steel-tooth drills have TCI elements. The cone rotates on roller or journal bearings that are typically isolated from the harsh downhole drilling fluid environment by a different arrangement of O-rings or metal face seals. These bits also typically have a pressure compensated grease lubrication system for the bearings.

Fixed cutter bits - PDC Bit

Fixed cutter bits are the first type of bits used in rotary drilling and they are mechanically much simpler than rolling cutter bits. Because the cutting element does not move relative to the drill bit, no bearings or lubrication are required. 


The most common cutting element used today is the polycrystalline diamond tool (PDC), which is a sintered tungsten carbide cylinder with one flat surface coated with a synthetic diamond material. The cutters are arranged in a staggered pattern on the drill's inserts, with the diamond-coated cutter surface facing the direction of drill rotation to provide complete coverage of the bottom of the hole. Other fixed cutter bits are available with natural industrial grade diamond or thermally stabilized polycrystalline diamond (TSP) cutting elements.

Hybrid cutter bits - Hybird PDC bit

A hybrid bit is now available that combines a rolling cutter and a fixed cutter element. 

Hybird PDC bit

Hybird PDC bit combines the features of PDC bits and tri-cone bits to increase drilling speed and depth in complex formations, especially in the kick-off section. The anti-vortex design increases mechanical drilling speed and improves drilling stability. The unique gauges with high quality PDC tools help to multiply the wear resistance and stability of the drill bit. The surface is welded with wear-resistant overlay material, which improves the wear resistance and scour resistance of the drill bit.

Oilfield Drill Bit Manufacturers, Suppliers

Tianjin Grand Construction Machinery Technology Co., Ltd., deeply engaged in rock breaking tools more than 20 years. We are offering R&D, precision manufacturing, international trade and drilling tools solution service, while now is growing up as a leader of global rock breaking tool industry.

Our products cover fields of tunnel shield, mining excavation, rotary cutting drilling, trenchless reaming guide drilling, well geothermal engineering bit, oil drilling and production, foundation pile machine engineering and so on. We insist combinng the development of products and market, and we design and manufacture products that meet the personalized requirements of customers according to their needs, so that we can provide the best solution and reduce the comprehensive activity cost of users with high quality products and professional services. We have established a complete domestic and international sales network, and our products have exported to the United States, South Africa, Brazil, Iran, Malaysia etc. through a variety of channels.


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